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National customs

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National customs

Post by Mix on Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:36 am

I have an idea to everyone write some charachteristic national custom here and describe it.
Or it does not need to be national, but the one you know for and find it intresting.

I will start with this one:

Today it is Bogojavljenje or in Greek Επιφανεια when we celebrate day when Christ is baptised on river Jordan, and the day when sky opened and God showed from heaven.

At that day man and woman swim for cross made of blessed water(iced offcourse) or out wood.
It is considered that God protect the swimers and despite freezing temperatures(it is snowing in this time of year and rivers are frozen often) and truly nobody suffered any consequvences.

Today, instead of regular "Good mornig" greeting people say "Бог се јави" which in rough translation is "God answers" and reply is "Ваистину се јави " "Truly answers"

And some images:


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