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Military pilot killed, another hurt in plane accident in Tanzania

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Military pilot killed, another hurt in plane accident in Tanzania

Post by gvla on Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:54 am

24th October 2012

The Tanzania People�s Defence Forces military plane which the two pilots were preparing for training before they were forced to bail out after it failed to take off and hit a container. One of the pilots,Captain Deogratius Magushi died while his colleague Captain Kwidika Feruz was injured and is admitted at Lugalo Military Hospital in Dar es Salaam. (Photo: Courtesy of TPDF)
A Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) captain was killed and another injured, when bailing out of a training aircraft in Dar es Salaam yesterday, a spokesperson Col Kapambala Mgawe has confirmed.
Speaking on a telephone interview, Col Mgawe said the accident occurred at around 10:30 in the morning when the pilots were preparing for take-off for a training stint.
He elaborated that when the aircraft failed to take off the two pilots opted to jump out using parachutes.
He said one of the parachutes successfully opened, but the other failed, resulting into the pilot falling on a tarmac road near a warehouse.
Col Mgawe said the pilot who fell near the warehouse died on the spot. He said the other pilot landed successfully, though he sustained minor injuries.
He named the deceased as Capt Deogratius Magushi whose body was preserved at Lugalo Military Hospital. The other pilot according to Col Mgawe is Capt Feruzi Kwidika who is admitted at the same hospital.
“We are yet to establish the cause of the accident…we are now working to save the life of the survivor,” said Col Mgawe, adding that he will be interrogated after being discharged from the hospital.
He said that military experts will make an investigation into the incident to establish the cause, and that official reports concerning the accident will be released after completion of the investigations.
He said they have started making funeral arrangements for the deceased.
In June 2010, a TPDF pilot and his trainee died after their plane crash-landed on the Segera-Chalinze highway, narrowly avoiding head-on collisions with a bus and a truck carrying 23 foreign tourists.
The plane crashed onto the road at around 10.10 am, and nearly collided with a truck carrying 19 tourists from Holland and four from Kenya, who were accompanied by a Tanzanian guide.
Some six people, including four TPDF soldiers, were killed in June 2008, when their helicopter crashed shortly after taking off from Arusha airport.
The accident occurred around midday in Mateves village, some 17 kilometres from Arusha Town.


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