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A380 Engine Explodes On Qantas Flight 32

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A380 Engine Explodes On Qantas Flight 32

Post by 350SN on Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:44 pm

FOUR CORNERS investigates one the first A380 super jumbo flights that nearly ended in disaster when one of its rolls royce jet engines exploded sending shrapnel through the wing, making a massive hole in the wing tank,and piercing the fuselage severing vital control cables that triggers alarm after alarm. at first the A380 "smart" jumbo tells the crew that a landing is not possible, then reconfiguring the computer they find a way to land, despite being 50 tonnes overweight, using 3900 metres of a 4000 metre runway. but their ordeal is not over, they are unable to shutdown an engine.........

this is an amazing story that shows how the qantas crew overcame disaster and saved 440 passengers on QF32.

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