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The USAF’s Newest Weapon: The Smart Phone

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The USAF’s Newest Weapon: The Smart Phone

Post by gvla on Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:54 am

Cell phones have completely revolutionized the way that we communicate. The USAF’s multi-billion-dollar communication network made the start and the token has gone to mobile commercial services. The USAF, though, doesn’t see the proliferation of cell phones as a source of rivalry. They see it as an opportunity.
In fact, the Pentagon is trying to figure out how to incorporate cell phones into their communication network. On the one hand, they make use of a well-established communications network that the military doesn’t have to fund. On the other hand, there is risk in not connected directly to the network.

The Pentagon recently released a strategy after listening the warfighter’s perspective. That’s how Strike Fighter Consulting Inc. provides top-notch advice – they look at a problem through the eyes of a pilot to come up with the best solution.
In this case, warfighters stand to benefit the most from this new program. They will always have the information that they need at their fingertips, and it will be available in a digital format that the younger generation is used to. iPads, for example, might be able to replace the knee boards that pilots use to hold a stack of paper documents and checklists. And best of all, these online documents can be digitally updated automatically so that the warfighter has constantly up-to-date information.


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