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Five people, including 3 Russians, die in Turkish helicopter crash

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Five people, including 3 Russians, die in Turkish helicopter crash

Post by el on Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:46 pm

A Kamov Ka-32 helicopter of the Nefteyugansk united aviation detachment has crashed in Turkey while fighting a fire, a spokesperson for the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) told Interfax.

The aircraft performed seven flights during the day. "There were three crew members on board, all of them Russians, and two representatives of the customer," the spokesperson said.

The helicopter hit a mountain slope and fell down into a hard-to-access gorge.

Search and rescue teams have travelled to the scene. The air accident will be investigated by the Turkish authorities in cooperation with representatives from the Inter-State Aviation Committee and Rosaviatsia officials.

The Kamov Ka-32 helicopter owned by Nefteyuganskoye Aviapredpriyatiye was rented by Turkish authorities to tackle forest fires, the source said. "For as yet unknown reasons it collided with the earth and crashed," the source said.

There were five people on board: three Russian crewmembers and two representatives of the Turkish customer, he added. All were killed, preliminary reports said.

The Russians killed in the crash are Alexander Gavrilov, Nikolai Atepalikhin and Sergei Khorokhorin.
Victims of Turkish helicopter crash identified?

Turkish media have revealed the names of the firefighting helicopter crash victims, allegedly Russians.

The Hurriyet newspaper says that Alexander Gavrilov, Nikolai Atepalikhin and Sergey Khorokhorin were on board the chopper which crashed that battling a wildfire in Turkey’s southwestern province of Mugla.

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Re: Five people, including 3 Russians, die in Turkish helicopter crash

Post by Mix on Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:14 am

Stupid fire again
And it seems to be that one on Atos is caused by some lunatic.
I hope that all will end good without any further damage

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