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100 Years of Serbian airforce

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Re: 100 Years of Serbian airforce

Post by Mix on Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:45 am

Sorry guys I had realy thight schedule and I am spending my whole day at reading room in the library I am trying to gratuate soon so there is exam after exam
I know that there is no excuses so I will try to `paint` part of atmosphere
It was realy nice, and I wish that you guys could make it

First, Airshow should be open for public only on second day, September the 2nd, and first say was planed to be for the press.
My friend`s mother work at MOD so I had chance to go on first day as well.
It sounded great but somebody aprooved asess for everyone with ticket, so there was pretty much crowded on first day as well.

You all know how my camera Is high tech

So I took only few images, and second day I went to airport without camera.

Anyway here comes the story

We came a bit late, and entered on nearest entrance when you are going from Belgrade, so there is a long walk until you get to the comand tower.

But that wasnt all bad because, that is a path that lead trought `MOST` overhauling facility, so we could see some intresting aircraft.

As soon as you enter the combound there are few pieces of retired hardware:

A G-4 Supergaleb and

Laucher which is part of S-125 Neva anti aircraft system

After you pass a couple of bombed buildings there are some airplanes which are waithing for their destiny

Medium transport Antonov An-26 and Yak-40 in the background

There are some more intresting aircrafts

MiG-21 fighter jets, which belong to Iraqi air force and sit there for more than 20 years
Iraq sent them to Yugoslavia for overhaul but then they got in war with Kuwait and rest is history

There is one also Iraqi MiG-23 MLD version which was overhauled, but I couldnt take a good shot of it

One more good thing of our long walk is that on south part of line up was presentation of radar and SAM position from 250th rocket brigade

Operational S-125 Neva launcher

Aquisition radar

Long range radar P18 for situational awearness
With AN/TPS radar in background

All of theese are part of 250th rocket/missile brigade which shot down F-117 back in 1999.
Maybe this laucher was used for that ocasion, its crew said that it is there `for a reason`

Now this is part of KUB anti aircraft system

You can see `three fingers of death` in the background

All covered in camo net which also shield heat to escape(makes different heat signature so it is much harder to differ it from non target)

They are on tracked chasis and intended to move with larger formation of tanks and infantry providing anti aircraft support

There also was number of comand vehicles where you could go in, and see working post of the crew

Officers were friendly and willing to show and explain function of the system, and also presenting part of modernisation of the system based on real combat expirience


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Re: 100 Years of Serbian airforce

Post by Mix on Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:52 am

More coming soon

P.S. George, you could give my contact to your friend, I would be glad to help him to get know city well, and I hope that I am not so bad at translating Very Happy

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